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Introducing Cheatsheets

I have finally started a “Cheat sheet” section on my website. Everyone likes Cheat sheets to deal with myriad of complexities of their tasks at hand, and as quick reminders...


Looking back my transition to an Engineering Manager

It is now three years since I was officially promoted to the ranks of a Manager. The change of responsibilities from coding to managing people, process and delivery was big,...


Discovering MOOC for easier learning

After a very long stretch of busy work schedules, I was off work for the first week of this month and I used it to rejuvenate, introspect, and put myself...

  Comments ·  7 mins read

Migrating my blog from Blogger

I started blogging since 2007 more as an experiment. Although I have not been good at blogging, it just worked whenever I used it, but not good enough for technologist...

  Comments ·  7 mins read

Don't be a dick technologist

Being a technologist doesn't mean that everything we create is created from scratch. We Google around, find lots of write ups, blogs, articles, and code and we take them all...

  Comments ·  5 mins read

Universal Applications with Universal JavaScript

Universal Applications with Universal JavaScript from ethomasjoseph


JavaScript is going Universal - Why should this matter you?

If you program for the web, and think that you are a "backend developer", and JavaScript isn't my cup of tea, that is not true any more. You can close...

  Comments ·  11 mins read

Sling - Who is closing my JCR Session?

Has this happened to you? - You got the JCR session, but at times, you find that "someone" closed the JCR session! And that too - its very inconsistent. Sometimes...

· AEM SLING CQ TIPS   Comments ·  4 mins read

Insane sanity (testing)!

You are busy writing your code on a complex piece and suddenly a team wide announcement comes - "The new code has gone in for the build, please do 'sanity'...


Three great advice

Act on it. Don't think too hard. Be Agile. These are the three great advice that have been my favorite picks from the book - "The Passionate Programmer - Creating...

· CAREER PASSIONATE PROGAMMER   Comments ·  3 mins read

Nice is just ordinary! You need to be Extra-ordinary - Amazing - Remarkable!

Today I happened to see a TV advertisement which had a beautiful story - "Nice is just ordinary!". This happened to  rephrase what Chad Fowler had to say in his...

· CAREER PASSIONATE PROGAMMER   Comments ·  3 mins read

The secret sauce of wrapping a jar as OSGi bundle

OSGi has been on the mainstream technologies for some time now. Many of the Java application servers now are either natively OSGi based, or support OSGi. This has also led...

· AEM OSGI CQ TIPS   Comments ·  20 mins read

Tuning your JCR Queries for the AEM & Jackrabbit OAK

Application tuning is an activity which which every developer and architect will encounter sooner or later for any application. AEM based applications are no different. One of the activities that...

· AEM CQ OAK PERFORMANCE TUNING   Comments ·  12 mins read

Writing method with dynamic return type without type casting

I have often come across this requirement across multiple projects, where we need to write a method, which can potentially return object of any class, and still you would not...

· JAVA OSGI TIPS   Comments

Installing Java Plugin for Ubuntu / Linux for multiple users

If you are a Linux user like me and have encountered websites that require applet, you may be ok installing the default Java that comes with your distro, and most of the...

· JAVA LINUX TIPS   Comments ·  3 mins read

Know your Geolocation right away with HTML5

Wondered how Google Maps tracks you current location? HTML5! Thats what enables most of the modern-day applications to track down your current location. You can do it too right away!...

· HTML5 WEB 2.0   Comments ·  2 mins read

Developing Java / OSGi applications on Day CQ

Day CQ is a very popular enterprise CMS (Content Management System) suite from Adobe. Although most of the time the development on Day CQ is related to CMS and most...

· JAVA DAY CQ OSGI CQ CQ5 TIPS   Comments ·  8 mins read

Solving eclipse error with SVN 1.6 (loading JavaHL library)

If you are using Eclipse and SVN (Subversion), there are high chances that you are using the Eclipse plugin - Subclipse. And if you recently upgraded to subclipse 1.6, there...

· JAVA ECLIPSE TIPS   Comments ·  5 mins read

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