Three great advice


Act on it. Don't think too hard. Be Agile. These are the three great advice that have been my favorite picks from the book - "The Passionate Programmer - Creating A REMARKABLE CAREER in software development (2009)".

"Act on it" means that a piece of good advice needs to have an action plan on it - however small it may be. Most of the chapters of the book had the "Act on it" section which forced us to review ourselves and try to find an action plan. Without an act, the advice just rusts in our minds.

Thinking hard - "to jump or not?"
Image Credits - stefaanroelofs

"Don't think too hard" means that it is not necessary to perfect the things in the first go. We should think on it, but not "too hard" to make it the best at the first attempt. This has been especially important to me because, often trying to do the "best" often resulted to the act not being done at the first place. The best example would be writing something for the blog. I would often have such a lot of topics but often either I choose a topic which requires itself to be expressed as an essay, or just make the writeup to be the best and cover all the aspects of the topic, leaving no open loops. Both of this essentially means a lot of time, which eventually just rusts in the backlog and never gets a chance to get published.

"Be Agile" when applied to career and life means that career and life are never done. Re-iterate over, and try to make them better every time, and correct the course of action if it needs so.

Putting this together would also mean that I should be blogging more often, even with not so well rounded topics still appearing in there. And of-course, this would also apply to other aspects of life as well.

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