Nice is just ordinary! You need to be Extra-ordinary - Amazing - Remarkable!


Today I happened to see a TV advertisement which had a beautiful story - "Nice is just ordinary!". This happened to  rephrase what Chad Fowler had to say in his amazing book - The Passionate Programmer - Creating A REMARKABLE CAREER in software development (2009), which I had finished reading one round just today.

Winning is not about not-losing. Winning is about being awesome. Winning is about being Amazing - Remarkable!

My career, as I look back, seemed to have stagnated. I never had a roller-coaster ride in my career. I had pigeon-holed myself into the mediocrity - especially for the last 4-5 years. No one else to be blamed - just me. This was why I forced myself to read this excellent book to be inspired, and bring out the best in me. After-all I got into this profession for pure passion.

This book was in my reading list ever since 2010, but it was two weeks back that I finally ordered a paperback edition from Amazon, which I would religiously read during my travel to and from office.

The world around us always demands extra-ordinary and amazing things. Everything else is just OK, and CAN just live without. But I would like my life to be something which would create a dent in the world! Something awesome; something remarkable!

Yes, I do need a lot of overhauling. I have to invest in myself - to be a remarkable product - to create remarkable products. And this should mark the beginning of the journey to a remarkable career.

Over the next course of time, I would post critique to the book, apart from my brain dumps of some interesting ideas brewing.

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