Defining Success


In between a very important business meeting, Prat finds several missed calls and voice mails from his seventh grader daughter - Tina. Prat realizes that it must be urgent and calls back her daughter. Very terrified, Tina tells that she got an A- for one of her subjects. Realizing that it is not really urgent to cancel his meetings, he tells her that they can talk about the subject when he gets home.

Back at home, the teenager is really tensed that her dad must be really upset on her, since she always used to get A+ grades in all her subjects, and this time it was A-. By the time Prat is home, its too late in the night, and the two do not talk that day.

In fact they do not talk on the subject for a few days, until Prat and Tina, go for a drive. On the way, Prat happens to ask about her overall well being at school. That is when Tina tells Prat that she is really sorry about her grades, and that she is not successful.

Prat was very calm and relaxed, and said “Its OK!”. Tina then asks Prat “I thought you would be really upset and mad about this.”. Prat replies “Why do you think, I should be mad at you? You did your best, and thats all I care about.”. Tina replies “But dad, I am not successful! If I am not successful, I may not get into a good college.”. Realizing her emotions, Prat asks Tina “What is success for you?”. Tina thinks for a while but is not able to define success. So Prat asks her to take her time, and get back to him when she defines success. Tina now understood Prat’s point.

What is success for you?

Like Tina, we too are often confused about the purpose of our lives, and are tying to chase success, without a concrete definition of it. Each one of us needs to define what success means for us. Then it becomes easy for us to evaluate every action and decision in our lives, if that is going to lead us to “our” definition of success. Success is not about winning, or making a lot of money or being famous. Success is about putting your best, and trying to be a better you!

Defining success becomes easy, when we are able to distinguish between “need” and “want”. You might need a car for your commute. You can be happy if you can distinguish, that you “want” a Ferrari, but what you really “need” is just a car which will do the job.

Success is being able to justify your effort and achievements on things that “you” value, and thus being happy.

For me, success is about having a shelter for my family, and the ability to fulfill all their needs. Success is about making a positive impact to the world to the best of my abilities - however small that impact may be. Success in everyday life about putting my best, and trying to be a better self!

What does success mean for you?

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