A tribute to my ex-colleagues


Moving with the waves of time, I changed my job. So did some of my other colleagues at Miediant Solutions - my previous employer. Now after we all are into our new jobs, happy and looking forward for a pleasant and prosperous future with our new jobs, we all miss our team, the togetherness we shared. We enjoyed the fun-filled, yet productive work environment, that had so much to learn, and had contributed so much to our professional career. While, many love to hate their bosses, we hope to have him again in our team. We all keep our fingers crossed, and hope for the best to happen, and meet each other and work together again some day.

Thank you all for making the work a pleasurable experience, and the office - a home away from home,
a place we wish to stay together. We shared so much professionally, and 
we worked like soldiers in the war.
Thank for all the sprints, the daily scrums and the virtually fighting retrospectives,
the lunch, the outings - thanks for all that time.
Thank you all for the professional and personal growth gained together.
Wish you all a prosperous and happy future!

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