QCon London 2010 slides


The QCon London 2010 has just concluded. There was extremely good response from the delegates. Many attendees have blogged on the same.

The conference had 19 tracks spread over 3 days:
  1. Architectures You've Always Wondered About
  2. Software Craftsmanship
  3. Non-Relational DBs & Web Oriented Data
  4. Dev and Ops: A single team
  5. Functional programming
  6. Solution Track: Wednesday
  7. Thursday
  8. 2015 Software Development
  9. Irresponsible Architectures and Unusual Architects
  10. Pragmatic Cloud Computing
  11. Agile Evolution
  12. AlphaGeeks on .NET
  13. IT - more than tools and technology
  14. Solutions Track: Performance and Scalability
  15. Friday
  16. The Concurrency Challenge
  17. Cool Stuff with Java
  18. How do you test that?
  19. SOA 2010
  20. Browser as a Platform
  21. Solution Track: Friday
Some great speakers such as Robert C. Martin, Martin Fowler, Rod Johnson, Joe Armstrong, Dan North teamed up for this.
Some of the slides for these are available online on the official QCon London website. Although, the slides by themselves do not ever match for going there yourself, these and the blogs are good for those who could not attend it.

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