Exciting future for the web


The future of web applications seem to be exiting for every web user. With the drafting and evolution of HTML 5 , and browsers like Firefox coming up with plans on Prism and Weave , its plugins, and evolving nature of supporting applications such as Google Sync (mobile and browser ) and Google Gears , the experience of a web user seems to be in a good light. Some of the fantastic experiences would be:
  • Inherent support for offline browsing and using web applications by browsers.
  • Inherent support for rich web UI.
  • Enhanced experiences with audio and video on web browsers.
  • Seamless and centralized browser profiles. Browser will seamlessly synchronize your profile including bookmarks, browsing history, saved passwords and tabs across multiple browsers, so that your desktop, laptop, and mobile phone can all work together.
Many of them are already available for a beta preview. These seem to not only enhance the experience of a web user, but also developers like me will find an interesting turn in developing web applications.

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