Clearing the Terminal Junk


Today as I was on my regular - code, build and test cycle, that suddenly there was a huge lump of error trace. It was so huge as to going to the exact origin was making my work take long. After every build thought I did a clear, it hardly helped me because, it actually "seems" to clear the screen, but actually holds the previous output, so even after the clear, scrolling up the screen will take us to the old terminal output (that I supposed to have cleared).

I wondered how I could actually clear off the entire terminal output, because after a cycle is complete, it hardly makes any sense to hold the previous output on my terminal buffer, rather it makes us more confused. After some googling, I got the solution - for the Mac (its the “⌘K” key combination). Wondering where I could get on this my Linux box, that I noticed the "Terminal -> Reset and Clear" option. Good it worked the way I wanted,.. but there was no shortcut key. Right away, I created one, and now I have the "Ctrk+K" combination clearing of the screen and its previous output buffer.

Try it! Probably you will never use the clear again !!

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