Find more on my profile, this website, its intent and the various elements used to build it.


I am Thomas Joseph - a passionate software developer and architect - inspired by challenges. Technology has always intrigued me, and I strive to apply creativity to every task at hand. I am a lazy developer, so I find interesting and swifter ways of working through boring tasks.

On my day job, I help my clients in their digital transformation journey with strategy, architecture and execution. I love technology at heart, and envision to create a better world with technology. So I spend my spare time learning about and experimenting on emerging technologies, and those on the adoption curve.

JavaScript, Data Science and Microservices are my current area of interest, and you can find me writing about it in the technology section.

Know more about my professional details at my LinkedIn profile. If you want to get in touch with me, I am present on most of the social media channels with the handle @ethomasjoseph.

This Website

I started blogging way back in 2007 using Blogger. All this while it was good, but not good enough for technologist - to put a code snippet it just takes a lot of time. Moreover, there is a good limit to what I could achieve - I simply cannot easily modify the look of my page. So then I learnt about Jekyll and it free hosting on GitHub. I had that for some time now, and eventually I took the effort when I was trying to learn some frontend technologies (even though that not my day job) like Bootstrap, Gulp, Bower, SASS, LESS etc. Find the code, configuration and raw content of this website on my GitHub repository.

Building this Website

I made this website all by myself from scratch in a typical agency style - from creating wireframes to writing static HTML, and then converting them into Jekyll configuration and Liquid Script. I would like to list all the people and resources, that I used to build this website:

  • Juri Strumpflohner - Juri’s website inspired me to create one for myself - using the same technology stack
  • Moqups - Fantastic FREE wireframing tool.
  • Gravit - FREE and Great tool to create vector images on your browser. Best part - you can use Google Fonts.
  • GitHub Pages - Providing FREE Hosting for this website.
  • Jekyll - The static file based CMS which is the technology behind GitHub pages.

Explore the source code, configurations and raw content of my website at my GitHub repository.

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